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Monday, June 13, 2011

LagU fAvOuRitE...

ny first time aq mint lagu english giler2..haha
xtaw la nape ttbe pulk ske lgu uh..
sblom ny kwn2 aq cte sal lgu2 bi aq slalu x amek taw..
tmbh pulk uh pnyanyi nye ensem....haha
ttbe kwn aq suh denga lgu DEAR GOD-avenged sevenfold...

haha..k spe yg nk taw tgk lirik nyh..
yok nyanyi same2..

A lonely road crossed another
cold state line miles away
from those i love
purpose hard to find

while i recall all the word
u spoke to me
cant help but wish that i was there
back where i'd love to be 

oh yeah..

dear god..
the only think i ask of you
is to hold her when i'm not around
when i'm much too far away

we all need the person 
who can be true to you
but i left her when i found her 
and now i wish i'd stayed

cause i'm lonely
and i'm tired 
i'm missing you again..
oh no....

there's nothing her for me
on the barren road
there's no one here while the city sleeps
and all the shops are closed

cant help but think of the times
i've had with you pictures and some memories
will have to help me through

oh yeahh..

some searrch never finding away
before love they waste away
i found you
something told me to stay

i gave in to selfish ways
and how i miss someone to hold
when hope begins to fade

yeahh!!abz suda...
and now aq da hafal da lagu nyh..hehe
rjin tol aq type..hehe
once again

suke ke ?? senyum lah..hehe

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